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Welcome to Scooter Games is the #1 website for playing scooter games online. Free scooter games online are cool highly addicting racing games and you can play them anytime for fun. Play many kinds of scooter games like stunt scooter games, push scooter games and razor scooter games. The website is divided into two different categories which are Motor Scooter Games and Stunt Scooter Games. Six more related categories of bike racing and bike driving games are added to give you an extra fun! These games are BMX Games which are the most popular bicycle games and you can do crazy stunts and tricks riding yout bmx bike on the ramps or around the streets! Motorbike Games, Dirt Bike Games and Mini Bike Games are anonther cool bike game online. These three categories are for all motorcycle bike game lovers and you can ride many different kinds of bikes like choppers, road bikes, motocross dirt bikes and mini bikes. Play Snowmobile Games and ride a snow mobile scooter down the mountains performing crazy jumps and collecting bonus points. Jet Ski Games are cool water scooter racing games where you will ride a jet ski on a sea. At you can play the newest scooter games or find out what scooter games are the most played by others. Some of the scooter games are just simple flash racing games with easy missions like completting some different levels in time and collecting bonuses etc. These scooter games for kids are actually cool and very addictive at times. You will have loads of fun playing them. Other scooter games are hot 3d motorbike racing games with awesome graphics and gameplay and you can enjoy them all for free! You will find some really cool motocross games, BMX games or even some cute games for girls like dress-up games or customizing games at scooter games.
There are loads of meanings of scooter. It can be considered as a motorcycle vehicle with low power and speed, mostly used for a city transport and pizza delivery. The most popular brands of motorcycle scooters are Vespa and Lambretta. The second meaning of scooter is a push scooter, human-powered vehicle with a handlebar, deck and 2-4 wheels that is propelled by a rider pushing off the ground. They are similar to skateboard and are getting more and more popular. There are other meanings of scooter used around the world like water scooter and snow scooter.
If you are more into Car Racing Games you can just visit our other website called Nascar Games where you can play dozens of newest 3D car racing games online. Don't hesitate to bookmark us share the Scooter Games with your family and friends, like us on facebook and twitter. If you still have any questions or just want to give us a feedback feel free to contact us and tell us anything related to this site. Play scooter games online and have fun!
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